Today In Heavy Metal History

Well today, we have no famous birthday’s, however, we do have some rather interesting events.

1966- Jack Bruce, Ginger Baker and Eric Clapton formed Cream, the three piece group only lasted 2 years, leaving behind some classic recordings including ‘Sunshine of Your Love,’ ‘Badge,’ ‘Strange Brew,’ and ‘White Room.’ (More Proto-Metal but still great)

1988- Steve Cayter a road crew technician with Def Leppard, died of a brain hemmorhage on stage before an American show at the Alpine Valley Music Theatre.

1993- The first of the three day Phoenix festival in England started, featuring Sonic Youth(SUCKS), Faith No More, The Black Crowes(Eh), Julian Cope(Who?), Pop Will Eat Itself(Meh), Radiohead(Ok), Living Colour, Manic Street Preachers(Blah), Pulp(Ugh), tickets £49. So basically to summarize Faith No More and Living Color played a hell of a show with some lousy backup.

So why not celebrate with one hell of a great song. Here is “Epic” by Faith No More.

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